Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Not moving from - moving to.

I'm just going upstairs.  I do this all the time, with an enthusiasm I don't normally have for exercise.  Sometimes I even skip.  It's still an exciting novelty for me - I've never owned a flight of stairs before.  Or a roof, or a garden, or a bit of the actual Earth with a building on it.  This could never have happened in London, where people lived above and below me, and a "management company" reluctantly maintained the building out of which my flat was hollowed.

Now I have a vegetable patch and three bedrooms, one of which contains the Lovely Paul.  I can be in London in just over an hour, including the taxi to the station.  I have a place on the Warwick University MA course in Writing.  I am a very lucky girl indeed.
It would be nice not to be sodding unemployable of course, but at least I don't have to get up too early in the mornings.

Before I left London, I had a suspicion that it might be possible to go out more, do more things and see more people from a Midlands base than the capital, and this seems to be the case - for a start, it takes less time to get from Coventry to Euston than my daily commute did when I lived in Zone 2.

In the eight weeks since I moved, I've been to three festivals, two museum exhibitions, several nice restaurants, a site of historic interest, some pubs and Ikea.  Many many trips to Ikea.  

I'll try to only tell you about the interesting stuff.

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