Monday, 10 October 2011

I haven't been so scared since I had typhoid

I am so SO lucky to have somehow got onto this highly-oversubscribed MA, at this prestigious university, with these world-class writers to teach me, and these incredibly talented fellow students.  I am ridiculously appreciative and excited about where something like this may lead.  So far I have hated every single second of it.  I am so terrified and overwhelmed that part of my brain is trying to preserve itself by sabotaging my attempts to get to classes - putting me on a bus so thoroughly wrong I ended up paying £15 for a taxi, sending me to the wrong rooms at the wrong times, and ensuring I forget watch, phone, pen or some other crucial accessory every time.  I am unable to eat on the days I have to go in.  I haven't met my tutor yet, I'm too scared to contact him (also I find myself even less able than normal to process faces, so I have no idea what he looks like).

Presumably my awesome incapability will make an excellent story one day.


  1. Indeed, just throw in a few similes and metaphors. And a bit of alliteration too. x

  2. Just found this blog.. you'll be fine.. just remember everyone else is blagging it, even the one who is just like Tris( there's always one!)